Spanish Property Portals | Online Partnerships

Spanish Property Portals | Online Partnerships

Low cost or two-way contra property listing partnerships for real estate portals and websites in Spain

If you run a Spanish website and want to offer property for sale in Spain, here's how we can help:

Monetized Content

Add premium "Cost per Lead" listings to your website and drive more revenue from enquiries made by your existing visitors, with a fee paid out for each enquiry on your site.

Lead Generation

Add a database of property listings from your site to and its network of parnters, and generate more sales leads for your existing advertisers.

Data Sales

Develop a new secondary revenue stream for your business by providing daily or weekly batches of leads for referral into our Lead Auction and Lead Market.

Email Solutions

Include your opt-in email records into our target email system and earn a fee every time one of our advertisers wants to send an HTML email to your customers.

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